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Our Mission

Core Technology Molding Corp. is committed to the principles of corporate responsibility and respect for the law and asks its suppliers to review the following principles, incorporate them into their own corporate policies and to share them with their own supply chain. The following policy is the minimum requirement that our suppliers must maintain regarding corporate ethics, environmental protection, resource conservation, human rights and social standards. The policy is based on current legal and international standards and fundamental principles of economic, ecological and social responsibility.  It is essential that Core’s customers are provided on time deliveries, which are essential for a good working supply chain. 


Corporate Ethics and Compliance

Core Technology Molding Corp. expects that their suppliers maintain the highest standards of corporate ethics and responsible and lawful conduct and requires that these standards are passed through to their supply chain. All business relationships and transactions by the companies in the supply chain must conform with local laws and be conducted with the utmost integrity and honesty; including in particular:


• Compliance with all applicable anti-corruption laws and programs


• Avoid anti-competitive/anti-trust business practices


• Protection of intellectual property and commercial secrecy


• Compliance with regulatory and compliance with export/import restrictions


Environmental and Conservation Practices

Core Technology Molding Corp. expect their suppliers and their whole supply chain to adopt environmental practices that are sustainable, responsible and that promote conservation of resources and raw materials according to the standard ISO 14001. Our suppliers should focus their efforts to ensure that their products, processes and supply chain minimize the use of energy and resources and are in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Suppliers in particular should focus on:


• Reducing energy and water consumption


• Reduce Greenhouse Gases


• Increase the use of renewable energy


• Implement an appropriate recycling and waste disposal concept Suppliers should also proactively support efforts in their market segment to develop and utilize environmentally friendly technologies. The aim of this support is to increase responsible resource mobilization and avoid the procurement and use of resources that have been obtained illegally or through unethical or unfair measures.


Human Rights and Labor Conditions

It is of paramount importance to Core Technology Molding Corp. that entrepreneurial activities also consider the social responsibility we have towards our employees. Core Technology Molding Corp. requires that its suppliers adhere to these social standards, and to incorporate them into their own corporate policy and that ensure this commitment to social responsibility is adopted by its supply chain. The following principles are of importance:


• Respect for human rights


• No discrimination and guarantee equal opportunities and treatment


• Prohibition of human trafficking, child and forced labor


• Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining


• Wages comply with all applicable national minimum wage laws


• Wages paid are without regard to gender


• Compliance with local regulations regarding working hours and paid vacation


• Compliance with local occupational health and safety regulations ac

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