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C O N S U M E R   G O O D S  

Molding Your Imagination

C O N S U M E R   G O O D S  


Core Technology has been able to produce durable thin wall precision injection molded assemblies that improve the application and usage of consumables.  Newell Rubbermaid has sold over 16 million “Take Along Snackers” that were produced in our facility.  By utilizing robotics and automation, Core Technology can “re-shore” products that were slated to be manufactured in Asia and other low-cost producing countries. 

Consumer product companies have traditionally looked to innovate as a source of growth, and now, they are trying newer and bolder strategies than ever. Consumer Goods companies utilize agile workflows to frame their approach to developing, testing, and iterating innovative ideas compared to traditional, highly structured, more time-consuming testing methods. However, Consumer Goods companies are changing how they pursue innovation. In addition to following traditional new product development cycles, many companies in the consumer products industry are experimenting with new approaches, such as innovation through: partnering with suppliers and the supplier’s renovation of previously successful products.


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