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P R E C I S I O N   I N J E C T I O N

M O L D I N G 

Molding Your Imagination

P R E C I S I O N   I N J E C T I O N

M O L D I N G 


Core Technology Molding specializes in precision molding of close tolerance optical and precision plastic parts using a broad selection of engineering resins.  Engineers and program managers value us for our knowledge, trusting Core Technology to improve system manufacturability and ensure total program success. Buyers appreciate the range of in-house services and our tool storage and in-house mold maintenance service.  We have expertise in highly complex tools including 2-shot and rotary platen molds. Our engineering staff ensures design for manufacturability across the assembly.  We provide mold maintenance services in-house in our tool room with dedicated and licensed Tool & Diemakers.  Our new equipment includes microprocessor-controlled injection molding machines, with automation including Yushin, Sepro and Arburg.   We mold on new all-electric Sumitomo and Milacron Roboshot presses and an advanced Arburg hydraulic molding machines with a rotary platen.  Our new state-of-the-art facility is an air-conditioned factory, with central chilled water which includes a certified medical clean room.  This new 2018 facility is up for LEED certification.


  • Nissei FVX 860-946 Ton + Robot

  • Arburg 920S - 550 Ton + Robot

  • Sumitomo SE350HDZ - 350 Ton +Robot

  • Sumitomo SE280HDZ - 280 Ton + Robot

  • Sumitomo SE180EV-180 Ton + Robot

  • Sumitomo SE180EV - 180 Ton + Robot

  • Roboshot 110ia - 138 Ton +Robot

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