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S O L U T I O N S  

Molding Your Imagination

S O L U T I O N S  


Our talented staff has extensive knowledge about plastics and their applications. Providing direct support for design and quality, we can rapidly define a 3D mold concept that takes into consideration manufacturability, mold flow, mold cooling and efficient removal of the plastic part from the mold.  Our engineers design a high-quality injection molded part and select an appropriate plastic material formulation, develop a functional design, and work within the manufacturing limitations associated with the mold design and injection molding process.  We also have the ability to provide and print 3D parts in plastic or metal and present to the customer before they invest in a mold.


We have worked with almost every plastic resin in the industry. Applications using engineering resins such as polycarbonate, nylon, ABS, PC/ABS blends, polyester, acetal and reinforced grades are our specialty.  Our three certified Master Molders through RJG develop a robust injection molding process, using the techniques of scientific molding and scientific processing.  Scientific principles related to the complete molding process, from drying the resin to the shipping of the finished product are utilized.


Core Technology can lower customer costs through additional assembly functions, including ultrasonic welding and insertion, painting, thermal insertion, pad printing, hot stamping, mechanical assemblies and machining.  Core Technology has two certified Six Sigma Black Belt Engineers to help reduce costs and take non value-added expenses out of the manufacturing process.



For customers that require ISO 13485:2003, Core Technology offers full process validation following an IQ, OQ, PQ protocol - including a formal process characterization report and 3-piece FAI to fit our customers’ needs and requirements.  Our certified Class 10,000 & Class 1,000 medical grade cleanroom meets their expectations.


Core Technology offers a handful of specialty molding process including: 2-Shot, over-molding, and insert-molding. Some of the benefits include cycle time reduction, tool cost reduced, resin savings, improved part quality, less stress and the ability to use smaller tonnage presses for the molding process.

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